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Hate missing WW…

I know I am full of apologies lately for not being able to keep up with my blogging but yesterday was jam packed.  I even had to cancel a picture appointment because I had sooo much to do and obviously not enough time!  Never enough time lol.  I took the kids to the doc’s for their routine check-ups.  Tanner weighs 17.1 lbs! What a moose!  And little Miss Mada weighs 23.3.  He’ll catch up to her in no time.  lol.  I am now getting ready to take the kids to their Baby Brilliant program.  My grandma is picking us up because she wanted to go along.  It’s a shame I missed Wordless Wednesday but time didn’t allow for me to sit at my computer.  I will catch you WWers next Wednesday…lol.  Anyways, here’s a picture of Mada admiring herself…my Too Late Thursday…lol.DSC_0288


Deer Park Pictures

Sorry these are so late!  So busy today…once again!


Deer Park

Well, once again I had a horribly busy weekend.  I swear I spend absolutely no time at home on the weekends anymore.  There’s always somewhere to go!  Me, my husband, and my mother-in-law took the kids to Deer Park Saturday and that was a blast!  It’s sort of like a petting zoo in our area with tons of wild animals.  Some you can feed, some you wouldn’t want to!  lol  The kids loved it.  Mada got to “ride” a pony while daddy held her and she also got to ride her first train!  I was a spectator of course, because I had to hold Tanner!  Before all this, my sister’s appendix had burst on Thursday and then while in the ER they revealed to her that she’s pregnant again.  This will be her fourth.  She’s unmarried and has two different dads there in the mix but I try not to get involved.  I love her, she’s my sister but that doesn’t mean I agree with how she lives her life.  Whatev.  lol  Best of luck to her though!  I will try to get some pictures up  of Deer Park here in the next hour…so hold your horses….lol.

Wordless Wednesday-Don’t forget Elmo!


My goofy husband, our dog, Fergie and… Mada snuck Elmo in because you can’t forget about Elmo!  lol  This makes me crack up! 

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O Jeez….

Well, if any of you remember me ranting and raving about the little boy at the super market a while back…I got another one for you! lol  That SAME boy with his super ignorant parents ran into us at the library this evening!  Once again, he was just running amuck…running over to us and touching our children, sprinting through the library, put his hands all over everything and his mom just stands there like…”Yeah, I’m just an idiot” look on her face.  Oh, it was funny though because as soon as he skipped over to our stroller, my husband and I just looked at each other.  I about couldn’t believe it!!! lol  Then he realized we were leaving and he took off after us, darting across the parking lot not even bothering to look both ways!  And there his mother was, slowly tagging along.   UNBELIEVABLE!

Mada Mondays-Mada Mowgli

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post this weekend!  We were extremely busy!  I think we were home for like a total of 15 minutes besides to sleep.  lol  My kiddos stayed at their grandma’s Saturday and my hubby and I spent all of that day helping clean and rearrange his mother’s garage.  The next morning we were off to the flea market to make a few extra bucks off the stuff she was getting rid of.  We go sell at the flea market maybe once a year but it’s fun and a quick way to get extra money.  She let us keep the stuff to sell because we were helping her and the good thing is we made over $300 in 5 hours!!!  Some great Christmas shopping funds! 

DSC_0107Mada Monday- So here’s a great one…last night we were playing fetch with our dog Fergie and ever since Mada started to imitate things Fergie had been her choice of prey.  So Dean would throw her squeak toy and Fergie would run and get it then Mada would go by her and the dog would drop it.  Then Mada would get down on all fours and pick it up with her mouth and bring it back to daddy.  lol…I know, gross, but it was too funny.  We only let her do it twice but we couldn’t stop laughing!  I’m so glad I gave her a brother…now atleast she doesn’t have as good of a chance of growing up like Mowgli from the Jungle Book! 

(I didn’t get any pictures because we were laughing so hard!)

September 11th 2009


**God bless all who lost their lives**