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Oh My Word!

SN153253-1Okay, so Miss Mada is just shy of 17 months and wasn’t saying a darn word UNTIL today.  Well she said such things as mama and dada, kitty kitty, stinky, cow, quack quack…okay she talked a bit but she never automatically repeated UNTIL today. lol.  It all started this morning when she was watching those “Your Baby Can Read” DVD’s.  Which, by the way, have worked wonders on teaching her to point to all her body parts.  Anyway, they were on the part that goes something like “See the six stars?’  Mada says “sar”.  I’m like GET OUT OF TOWN…lol.  Then I was blow drying my hair and after I got done I said, “Do you want to go down stairs with mommy?”  She says “No”.  I’m like “Did you tell mommy no?”  And she shakes her head and says “No no no”.  lol She has never done this.  Then we were getting ready to go for a walk and I went to put her shoes on her and I said “Shoes” and she goes “sue”.  I’m overwhelmed with excitement over here….why do they get big all at once?  Awww…my baby’s getting big.


One Response

  1. So cute! That’s great that she is talking up a storm! It’s bittersweet I am sure! (At least that’s how it is with marlee…) I love the stages, but I miss some of the cuddly times and my little girl who would snuggle forever (probably cause she wasn’t strong enough to push me away LOL)

    Have a great day!

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