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Annoying Children…

Okay, call me rude but this afternoon my entire family (Dean, Mada, Tanner & Myself) went to the grocery store to do a little shopping and upon walking into the entrance of the store this, I’d say, 8 year old boy stopped us and said “Can I see the baby?’  Of course kids have done this before and I always let them say hi.  Well this young fellow held us up for a good 10 minutes because we didn’t want to be rude and walk away.  Thing was- mom or dad was no where to be found…and we were standing OUTSIDE of the store!  We used one of those corny half truck half carts so we could put Mada in the bottom and leave Tanner in the car seat on top.  This kid was holding onto the cart rail and jumping up and down to see Tanner.  Then he saw Mada.  He goes down to her and tries to scare her by saying “BOO”.  Then he’s touching her and I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I’m thinking SWINE FLU…lol.  But eww seriously, who raised this young man.  Well I ended up saying, “We have to go in and shop now….AND HE FOLLOWED!!!  Jumping up in between my husband and the cart!  lol  O Jesus.  Just then his dad ran over and said “Okay now  leave them shop.”  I’m like, seriously….he must have been watching from some where I couldn’t see him…AND letting his kid annoy us!  We wandered down the aisles picking up what we needed and I saw him bothering some other lady and her baby.  Dad was right behind him.  We continue to shop and he pops out of nowhere once again.  “Daddy, look at these babies!”  Dad says, “You’ve already seen those ones.”  As he’s putting his hands all over Mada again.  So we didn’t see him for awhile and we were standing in line to check out when BAM-  here the little nuisance comes over to us again.  Except now there was no where to go…lol.  He’s jumping up on the rail, and knocking into me and my husband, and yelling BOO and touching Mada and I could see his parents there in the other line paying no mind to him at all…just worrying about getting checked out.  Oh, the mom was in line with the dad too…I have no idea where she came from.  lol  I would never let my child(ren) act that way.  I was so aggravated by him.  Doesn’t anyone teach their kids to keep their hands to their selves now days?  Or to mind their manners or to know when enough is enough?  Good Heavens.  I was so annoyed…mostly at the parents for letting him think his behavior was okay.  I even tried looking annoyed thinking that maybe his mom would come grab him and make him stand by her…but no.  When they left they called his name and took off.  Thank the good Lord.   lol


One Response

  1. Yeah I would be pretty annoyed! I had a guy in Walmart one day when Marlee was almost asleep in her car seat grab her toy and rattle it…I didn’t even know what to say. It bugged me, but it was just wierd to yell at him. He had stood there for a good 5 minutes looking at her, and I told him she was almost asleep then he did that. It totally caught me off guard!

    Anyhow, Marlee will be 7 months next week, so she isn’t talking yet. But it is normal for kids to talk when they want to talk and not when you want them to. She’ll come around!

    Have a great night!

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