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Baby Brilliant @ the Library

Today was Mada’s first Baby Brilliant session at our local library.  This is an awesome program!  It is for babies ages 6-23 months.  I was so glad that they have a program for children this young!  The program has special “kits” to help parents learn techniques to spur early brain development and make babies better readers and more successful students.  It was so much fun for Mada and it was only like 30 minutes out of our day.  I wore Tanner in my carrier and they give you and your kids a rug to sit on.  There were like probably 5 other families participating.  Mada, of course, was shy at first but by the end of the session she was the only baby dancing and marching in the front of the room lol.  Parents sang the songs along with the instructor and the babies sort of just stared at us but it was a good experience.  lol.  They all loved when we clapped though!  hahaha  There was this one dad there with his wife/girlfriend and every time we’d have to sing along he belted out like he was trying to win American Idol.  I was like “Oh, good some entertainment for me too!” lol  (He couldn’t sing.)  I can’t wait to do it again.  We meet on the second and fourth Thursday of every month.  I have always loved to read and I would really like my children to have as much passion about it as I do so this is just wonderful.


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