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Aloha Friday-Spanking?


What is your take on spanking?  Personally, I am against it.

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9 Responses

  1. I’ve never spanked my kids. It always seemed like hitting and I’d be doing it out of anger. It would feel strange for me to actually hurt my kiddos and I just can’t do it.. But there have been times I’ve wanted to and I’m not judging others that do (within reason of course)!

  2. Neither my husband nor I spanked out kids.

  3. I don’t spank. I have tapped my son’s butt before with a diaper on… but I don’t consider that spanking. He thinks we are playing when I do it so it didn’t serve a purpose other than to break the tension anyways.

  4. No. I remember my dad spanking me a few times and it just made me (briefly) afraid of him – I never learned a “lesson” except not to get on his bad side, which I don’t think was the point. There are better ways to discipline, in my opinion.

  5. I’m not a fan of spanking either. I never spanked my kids but to be fair, they didn’t need it.

  6. I was never spanked but as a teen I was slapped once or twice when I was mouthing off beyond control. I think it might have been necessary, but the 2-3 times it happened I tried to ask my mom to slap instead of backhand…it makes a difference in pain but has the same quieting effect!

  7. I’m very anti spanking. We all mess up, young and old alike. When adults mess up, no one hits them, so why should a child who messes up get hit?

  8. I am not for spanking either. I have a hot temper sometimes, and I think that if I got mad enough to spank her, then I would probably end up going overboard, so I won’t let myself get that far! (Thus far, I haven’t ever gotten mad at her considering she’s only 7 months, I am sure i will have plenty of time for that to happen!). LOL

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