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The Spanking Debate…

I was delightfully refreshed to hear that all of you said you were against spanking!  I grew up in an abusive household and it almost seems like that’s all I know.  I have never hit my children however and I never will.  It seems that when children are bad you “spank” them.  (Even though my sisters and I endured more than your average “spankings”.)  I agree that all hitting your children does it teach them how to fear you.  Hitting me never made me any better of a child, it simply made me want to stay clear of my father.  And it caused me a lot  of anxiety as a child and teenager.  I couldn’t even imagine making my children feel the way I felt so I will never put my hands on them in a negative way.  However, I would love to hear how you discipline your toddler.  My 17 month old throws some royal ones and I have no idea how to get her to understand that it’s not okay.  Sorry if I got a little too personal with this but it hits home.


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  1. Have you tried timeouts? I know that she is still young, but you could do timeout for 1 minute…they recomend only the amount of minutes of your childs age. I would find a time out spot…and at home always use that same spot. And if she is throwing a huge tantrum, I would walk away and ignore her (especially at home) cause she is trying to get attention. That would probably work the best. Once she sees she’s not getting the attention she will (probably) stop. That’s what I would try! 🙂

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