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Aloha Friday-What’s your addiction?


What is your addiction?

I once was addicted to Spider Solitare on the computer…lol…then Coca-Cola and now I’ve been stuck on Coffee for a few years…lol…and once it was Ice Cream…I had to have it everyday!  Thank goodness that one didn’t last!

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8 Responses

  1. Oh my…..that would have to be a “Fountain Coke”…….so much better than a can or bottle……yes, I’m hooked but so trying to decrease. LOL

  2. Is it sad that my addiction is cloth diapers? I can’t walk into a store that sells them without buying…..very sad 🙂

  3. My addiction would have to be chocolate….sweet, luscious, divine chocolate! *L*

  4. Internet and chocolate 😀

  5. Oh boy…I don’t know…maybe pop, but I don’t let myself have it every day, but if it were in my house Iwould drink it all day long!

  6. The internet? Buying shoes? lol

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