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Baby Brilliant-Break Dancing Mada

O Lord…today was hilarious!  My child is so funny…we went to the Baby Brilliant program again today and she was the only child that danced the whole time…we sang slow songs and fast songs and she moved to them all!  She wiggled her body along the floor and stomped to “The Ants Go Marching”…all while giving the other parents a good laugh!  Everytime we finished singing a song, we’d clap and say “YAAAYYY!!!”  Well, Mada thought that everyone was doing it for her because she was the ony baby out in the center of the floor. lol.  So she’d get even goofier the next song.  It was a complete crack-up!  They say to let your kids go and wonder but every other tot seemed content sitting on mom or dad’s lap…not Mada.  She had to be the show stealer! 




One Response

  1. That is too cute! It’s good she’s not shy! 🙂

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