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O Jeez….

Well, if any of you remember me ranting and raving about the little boy at the super market a while back…I got another one for you! lol  That SAME boy with his super ignorant parents ran into us at the library this evening!  Once again, he was just running amuck…running over to us and touching our children, sprinting through the library, put his hands all over everything and his mom just stands there like…”Yeah, I’m just an idiot” look on her face.  Oh, it was funny though because as soon as he skipped over to our stroller, my husband and I just looked at each other.  I about couldn’t believe it!!! lol  Then he realized we were leaving and he took off after us, darting across the parking lot not even bothering to look both ways!  And there his mother was, slowly tagging along.   UNBELIEVABLE!


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  1. CRAZY! Ya know, the people who should have kids only have 1 or 2, the people who shouldn’t have a lot! (Not saying there aren’t mommas out there with more than 2 who should have them!)

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