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Deer Park

Well, once again I had a horribly busy weekend.  I swear I spend absolutely no time at home on the weekends anymore.  There’s always somewhere to go!  Me, my husband, and my mother-in-law took the kids to Deer Park Saturday and that was a blast!  It’s sort of like a petting zoo in our area with tons of wild animals.  Some you can feed, some you wouldn’t want to!  lol  The kids loved it.  Mada got to “ride” a pony while daddy held her and she also got to ride her first train!  I was a spectator of course, because I had to hold Tanner!  Before all this, my sister’s appendix had burst on Thursday and then while in the ER they revealed to her that she’s pregnant again.  This will be her fourth.  She’s unmarried and has two different dads there in the mix but I try not to get involved.  I love her, she’s my sister but that doesn’t mean I agree with how she lives her life.  Whatev.  lol  Best of luck to her though!  I will try to get some pictures up  of Deer Park here in the next hour…so hold your horses….lol.


One Response

  1. Can’t wait to see the pic’s! Sounds like you had fun at the zooish type thing! 🙂

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