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Deer Park

Well, once again I had a horribly busy weekend.  I swear I spend absolutely no time at home on the weekends anymore.  There’s always somewhere to go!  Me, my husband, and my mother-in-law took the kids to Deer Park Saturday and that was a blast!  It’s sort of like a petting zoo in our area with tons of wild animals.  Some you can feed, some you wouldn’t want to!  lol  The kids loved it.  Mada got to “ride” a pony while daddy held her and she also got to ride her first train!  I was a spectator of course, because I had to hold Tanner!  Before all this, my sister’s appendix had burst on Thursday and then while in the ER they revealed to her that she’s pregnant again.  This will be her fourth.  She’s unmarried and has two different dads there in the mix but I try not to get involved.  I love her, she’s my sister but that doesn’t mean I agree with how she lives her life.  Whatev.  lol  Best of luck to her though!  I will try to get some pictures up  of Deer Park here in the next hour…so hold your horses….lol.


O Jeez….

Well, if any of you remember me ranting and raving about the little boy at the super market a while back…I got another one for you! lol  That SAME boy with his super ignorant parents ran into us at the library this evening!  Once again, he was just running amuck…running over to us and touching our children, sprinting through the library, put his hands all over everything and his mom just stands there like…”Yeah, I’m just an idiot” look on her face.  Oh, it was funny though because as soon as he skipped over to our stroller, my husband and I just looked at each other.  I about couldn’t believe it!!! lol  Then he realized we were leaving and he took off after us, darting across the parking lot not even bothering to look both ways!  And there his mother was, slowly tagging along.   UNBELIEVABLE!

September 11th 2009


**God bless all who lost their lives**

Fighting Mad…

Once again my computer has been attacked by the fake Windows Safety Center.  Grrr.  Damn spyware.  So I am in the process of trying to remove this darn thing.  If I do, I will put up my Baby Brilliant @ the library post.  I have to wait to do so because this machine is running so slow the pictures will probably upload like tomorrow!  lol  I always love the dorks who sit home and think of nothing else better than how to attack someone else’s computer.  Jeez, get a life.  It’s annoying.  I know you mean to be…but it’s annoying.

Our 3rd Anniversary!

Steelers 005

Today Dean and I are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary!  It feels so much longer and then it doesn’t feel that long at all!  We celebrated by spending the Sunday at Geneva on the Lake playing putt-putt and strolling the water’s edge.  Then we did some gambling at Presque Isle.  Shouldn’t have though…lol.  We have been together 6 years total and that just seems crazy.  I feel like he’s always just been here and I love him and wouldn’t know what to do without him.  I’m making him brownie cupcakes for tonight since we did all of our “real” celebrating on the 6th.

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone!  Off to the father-in-law’s for a BBQ!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day for it is exceptionally beautiful here in Ohio!

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